Finally set up the blog

So, after signing up to wordpress about 5 years ago and not doing anything with the site, I had totally forgotten and had to get Ian Barrington to remind me of what to do!  Turns out I was trying to use which is something totally different…

This weekend was a bit of a hectic one, I was supposed to be out on the bike for the first time in 6 weeks, but instead I was at a wedding in Welwyn Garden City and didnt get in until gone 2am.  This did not bode well for an 8am start at Mareks house so i slept in instead and helped the wife out who is still recovering from her operation.

Mum and dad were over Saturday/Sunday and we went to visit some friends in Reigate before Allie dropped me at Gatwick as I had to be in Manchester first thing on Monday morning.  Flight was delayed for a while so this meant hanging out in the lounge, at times this place has felt like a second home to me.  It could be worse though, the staff at Virgin notice when my dad sits in a different seat on his regular commute!

I am planning to go out on the bike at sometime today, i just need to get over the fact that it is cold and rainy today and i really dont want to be sat on the turbo trainer, its hardly going to motivate me to ride socially now i have jacked in the racing for this season and possibly the next.

Ive not figured out the best way to host my images yet, so no pics from the wedding going up for now.


~ by globalste on August 17, 2010.

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