Sleepless nights are nearly over

Well, i was up in Preston on Thursday evening to finish cleaning the carpets and the rest of the flat in time for Allie’s cousin Ian moving in. Ian is going to be studying Golf Course Management with a view to building his own golf course with some of his rich city folk friends. He is using his runaround Mercedes at the moment, the Aston Martin is now in storage – nightmare.

I got a text message from one of the other candidates at 3pm on Friday saying that they had been unsuccessful, this set my heart racing over 160bpm and i wasnt even moving anywhere! To make this slightly clearer, for the last 2 months I have been amongst the 900 people who applied to the Thomas Cook Airlines Cadetship scheme, probably the most prolific scheme being run for the last 10 years, and something I have been keeping my eye out for a long time. I had got through the first 3 intensive rounds where the numbers had been whittled down to 40, and finally I had been to the final interview and group exercise at HQ at Manchester Airport, there were only 18 of us. So today I am waiting to find out if I am one of the lucky 8. Last round they called the successful ones first and the unsuccessful ones second, this is why my heart is pounding.

I keep my phone in my hand all afternoon while we are cleaning the carpet, everytime the phone rings my heart races again. However as the time starts to tick on towards 17:00 and we are in the car heading to my parents, i realise that I am not going to get the call. I am going to have to wait all weekend over Jons wedding and hope I get a call ASAP on Monday.

Then at 8pm, the Chief Pilot called in the middle of dinner. I am one of the successful 8 chosen – i cant believe it!!!

This means 62 weeks of training in Jerez, Spain starting in November before hours of simulator training and aerobatics, then I am seconded to FlyBe for 2 years flying the Q400, and then finally I will be at Thomas Cook as a Senior First Officer flying either Airbus or Boeing aircraft.

Thomas Cook are about to place a major order for next generation aircraft including 737NG, 787, A320advanced and the A350. 😀

So, first I need to get my JAR Class 1 Medical next Friday (fingers crossed there is nothing wrong with me) for the bargain price of £330!  Then begins the fire-sale of items such as the Porsche and the BMW.  I am allowed to keep my bikes and the motorbike as they will be coming with me 🙂

TCX A330



~ by globalste on August 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “Sleepless nights are nearly over”

  1. I believe this goes to about 11 on the fantastic news scale.

    Well done

  2. ace news, when can we start calling you Biggles?

  3. as soon as I get my Class 1 medical next Friday! Tallyho!

  4. Well done mate – all sounds very flash and exciting

    I’ll give you £100 for the Beamer 😉

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