Medical is booked

I have got my medical booked for next Friday, am hoping that the usual “did you know you have a slight heart murmur?” theme doesn’t come up a cropper for me. It shouldn’t do as I ride myself to the absolute max on the mountain bike and during a lot of road races/time trials, the heart regularly takes a battering up to the 193bpm mark and I dont feel any side effects, apart from the usual dying to stop syndrome!

Had to wrestle the fridge freezer out of its cupboard yesterday, we have ordered a new Samsung america-style fridge, its ace. The only problem now is that we keep opening the old fridge doors to get stuff like milk when making a brew!

I am planning to head out on the bike this eve for a couple of hours, the plan is to try and make myself a tired so that i can sleep better!

Paul Wilson at Freeborn called me today to say that he should be able to install DT Aerolite spokes on the new carbon R50 rims – cant wait until they turn up, i am not looking forward to gluing the tubular tyres on though…


~ by globalste on August 24, 2010.

One Response to “Medical is booked”

  1. Don’t forget to stay off the caffeine if you suffer from SVT like me…

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