All done!

So, a nerve-racking morning at the CAA Aviation House in Gatwick on Friday had me moving from one room to the next being poked, prodded, sampled and rigged up to wires.  I then had the most intense eyesight test ever before the final chat with the doctor had me fill out the form all over again because the downloaded .pdf from the CAA website had put the logo in the wrong place.  The JAR Class 1 Medical is a legal document together with anything that sits underneath it so my medical form had to be perfect.

So at 11am on Friday the 3rd September, i received a stamp from the medical division and I have my Class 1 medical.  So that’s the last hurdle out of the way for me.

I then had the horrible task of resigning from Boxwood, its really difficult to leave a job that you enjoy with a great bunch of people.  They were understanding because of what I am about to embark upon, although I think (hope!) they will be sad to see me go as well.  I am sure out paths will cross again, who knows, they could end up working with the CEO of Thomas Cook…


~ by globalste on September 3, 2010.

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