New glasses ordered :)

As part of my medical restriction, i have to carry 2 pairs of glasses with me at all times.  I have decided to go for some prescription sunglasses but needed some which wrapped around my face and also had straight arms – the obvious solution was Oakley although I did try Police and the new Rayban Carbon (good idea, bad asthetics)

So after trying different brands on in my local store in East Grinstead, I decided that the Oakley Nanowire 4.0rx fitted the bill, the wife agreed.  So then I set about trawling the internet for the best price who also gave the lens and frame combination I wanted.  You can’t just pick any old lenses you want for the oakleys, I had to find some that had a neutral filter and didn’t filter out important colours like red or green.   Oakley have a perfect webpage which explains the different filters used in their lenses so I was able to use this to maximum effect.

The end product is a prescription set within VR28 Black Iridum lens mated to the Burnt Copper frames.  Still waiting for them to come through, but I am well chuffed with them and saved over £80 by ordering them online 🙂


~ by globalste on September 15, 2010.

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