Arrived in Jerez!

Zone-G, looking towards Beardie Airlines checkin

Allie dropped me off at T3 for the 09:50 BA flight to Madrid this morning, I am not keen on T3 because it has lots of people waving goodbye to granny and causes chaos trying to steer trolleys past them.  I had with my 2 large bags, my bike box with things like trackpump and tools in it, my trusty wheelie bag and my helmet box.  I was going to carry my camera bag and tripod as well, but thought best against it as one of the Iberia dragons would be bound to charge me for carrying that, and then while they were at it, breathing too much air.  It was really sad leaving my wife, I had a horrid feeling that had been building for the last 48hrs and it was now peaking when I was packing my things onto the trolley, (its a similar feeling you get when you realise someone has stolen something of yours like your bike or your laptop) my brain went all screwy and I ended up walking halfway into the terminal with the car keys still in my pocket  – Allie had to come running after me to get them!

I had already had a rant with BA Customer Services about their IATA charges, I tried to find out what others had experienced from my trusty source of information but it seemed to be a mixed bag.  The On Line Checkin went screwed and I ended up with no boarding pass and also having the seat-shifters move me from the seats I had picked last week 😦

I was greeted at checkin by one of the nicest agents I have come across.  He scoffed at his system asking for a charge on my bike and duly manually adjusted the system and then even offered to carry my bike to the over-sized luggage trolley!  So, I managed to get both my bags plus my bike totally over 60kg for free – which is rightly so, but BACS had caused me a headache the morning before with their nonsense IATA rules.

I then had to negotiate the stupid security at T3 (no fast-track open) where everyone seems surprised that they have to take off belts and have liquids in bags – how is it people miss all the signs and people telling them what to do?  They need the video screens like T5 has, although even they get ignored…   Security decided that they would inspect everything in my wheelie bag so it took me nearly 20mins to get through security.  I then headed straight to the BA Lounge where I had my usual helping of porridge followed by bacon butties.  Then got a call from Alex who was outside with Josh, this meant having to find someone with a silver or gold card to get them both guested in, no chance, everyone seemed to be on a Club Europe ticket so I had to come out.

Apart from leaving late, the flight was event-free and was on a new A320 with the new IFE system, not that I could see much of it because of the stupid position of the curtain.  Arrived in Madrid and then had to make the helter-skelter-like trek from T4S to T4, if you have made this journey in Barajas Airport, you will know exactly what I mean.

Arrive in Jerez at 17:00 local time, it was really odd to see the bright sunshine high in the sky and it was 20C when we got off the aircraft!  A far cry from the -2C and p*ssing rain I had left behind.  I kept checking back at the aircraft to see if a bike box was being offloaded, just as I walked into the terminal I could see it – now I just had to hope it was in one piece!

Jerez airport is really small, it has about 10 flights per day and yet for some reason it has about 12teen checkin desks and 6 baggage claim belts – more than Gatwick Domestic!  Bags and bike all came out unscathed, unfortunately Ronnie’s bag didnt turn up from Edinburgh and Aimee’s bike got lost somewhere in Madrid.


~ by globalste on November 12, 2010.

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  1. Hi Steve,

    Just posted on Daves blog; I’ve reused some old photos so you’re now famous (kind of) at

    Also did another article with photos of Dave from SITS 2008


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