First week of ground school finished!

Well, first week of ground school has finished.  It was quite intense, there is a feeling of having to know absolutely everything I have been taught and be able to recollect it at any given moment.  I need to know a whole bunch of equations, conversions amongst a raft of other things.

The topics I will be studying for the next 9 weeks are:

Navigation, Radio Navigation, Principles of Flight, Electrics, Systems, Engines, Meteorology, Instruments, Threat & Error Management.

Meteorology is the one that I am the most worried about, closely followed by Navigation.  They aren’t overly difficult, its just really easy to make a mistake and that’s not good when I need to be hitting 90+% !

I was given a huge pile of books and a host of navigation equipment and a flight bag to carry everything in.  Its really awkward to carry and I can see why pilots have them on wheels, but I guess it looks more professional than carrying a backback around!

I am finding meal times a bit tough, I am used to grazing all day and I can’t really do that here.  So I end up having a large breakfast, then a large lunch then a large evening meal.  The evening meal is a bit inflexible as well with only a 1hr window to eat in between 6 and 7pm.  Breakfast is ok, but they somehow manage to serve up the “hot” breakfast not very hot at all…  Myself and Ronnie have put in a request for porridge!

My course is 101 and there are 13 of us altogether.  There are 8 of us from Thomas Cook, 3 from Cityjet and 2 from Middle East Airlines (MEA).  Just a month ahead of us are course 100 who have 2 guys from East Grinstead and Lingfield!  I can’t believe it that 2 people here in Jerez live down the road from me at home, it’s quite surreal…

On Saturday I went out with the Jerez Cycling Club.  The weather was dreadful, 4 hours of pissing rain and strong headwinds made the beautiful scenery not so beautiful.  I felt stupid putting my mudguards on and wearing my rainjacket when I left my room, but an hour later I was really glad I had them.  No one in the club speaks English, so I am having to try and brush up on my vocab and also technical language for bike parts.  Thankfully Sheldon Brown is able to help! 🙂

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