New identity

My name badge arrived today as modelled by the hand of my lovely wife, I am not yet certain as to how well this will go down with the other FTE cadets and general community.  I think it will be on the shirt for class, but my sweater will be on for breakfast and lunch for now…

We finished early today so I decided to head out to the hills at El Torno where the windfarms are, it is quite nice up there on a clear day, it reminds me of the Trough of Bowland and in particular, a route I have done with Dave a few times.  You can see a place that looks like a church for miles, I am yet to know what it is or called.  It was about a 30mile round trip so good to have the legs spinning after beasting them in the gym yesterday.

I am doing extra studying on Meteorology tonight, its actually a really interesting subject and I am learning a lot of stuff that I have always wanted to know.  The problem is, some of it is to do with Chemistry and whilst I can remember a lot of my Chemistry A-level back in 1996 (I surprisingly knew what the difference between latent heat being released and absorbed was), I hated chemistry with a vengeance.  The rest of it seems to be having to remember tables of data such as what temperature and pressure is the air at 39k feet (the answer is -56.5C and 200mb, naturally)

That church what I can see for miles



~ by globalste on November 22, 2010.

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