Currently in Navigation we are hammering a navigation tool called the CRP-5. It is essentially a mechanical calculator, or for those who were pre-calculators, a slide rule.

It looks like a really simple thing to use, but it is really tough to remember which way to turn the damned thing and get the pencil marked accurately on it. It can calculate windspeeds, mach numbers, true airspeed, and can also convert weights, specific gravity. Basically, I am told it will be my lifeline for most of the exams and learning how to use it is essential.

At the moment though, I hate it, it burns hours of time just trying to get to use it. Imagine it as buying a new plasma TV at home with a surround amplifier etc, but having to read the manual to work every single bit every time you want to do so much as adjust the volume or change channel.

Its made by Pooleys, however the build quality is shocking.  I have had to tighten it 3x already or else its accuracy makes it useless.  I am going to resort to either locktite or superglue on the screwthreads.  Everytime I look at it, for some reason I always read it as CR5P, this may have something to do with the screws coming undone…


~ by globalste on November 29, 2010.

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