Christmas Dinner/Party

Yes, it is not exactly Christmas but for some reason the Christmas Dinner and Party was today.

The FTE catering staff went all guns-ablaze with silver service to our tables, a far cry from the self-service motorway canteen it usually is.  Allie came over and obviously had to be reassured that this most definitely was NOT how things usually are at FTE mealtimes.

There was much wine consumed and a few round-robin drinking competitions with the below-par wine on offer (cant win everything!) before retiring to the FTE “nightclub”, which was essentially converting the exam room with a glitter ball and a make-shift bar c/o Morrissons in Gibraltar.

Thomas Cook and Cityjet Cadets

I think some people may have drunk too many bottles of bad plonk, as there was much vocal singing to the big white phone in the early morning and the day after.  At least we didn’t have to be up and ready for a Bodega tour the next day at 10am….  oh hang on, yes we did!


~ by globalste on December 10, 2010.

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