Bodega Tour

So, the morning after the night before.  Some very weary looking faces and 2 of the group physically could not get up for the Sherry and Brandy making tour at one of the more famous and exclusive Bodegas in Jerez.  For those not in the know, Jerez in Spanish literally means “Sherry”.

We drove to the Bodega with some of our course instructors from both ground-school and flying, a few tactical quiet chunders and we were welcomed into the Bodega where we were given the full works into how Sherry is distilled over 20+ years and the different types of Sherry available.

Then came the tasting…  I admit, I did think the strong smell of the place was going to tip some people over the edge, but out came the different varieties of Sherry along with nuts and chips – the hungover were saved!

Now I am not a fan of Sherry in the slightest and Allie is even less so, however we were really surpised at the Sherries offered to us, they were really dry and more like a whisky than a Sherry.  We also sampled a very rich Brandy, I say rich because I mean in both the body and in the price (it costs just over €200 a bottle to buy!).  I was tempted to buy some, but at €30 a bottle for the nice Sherry, I thought better of it!

Course 101 plus some of our FTE Instructors


~ by globalste on December 11, 2010.

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