Finally made it home (with no thanks to Iberia)

Heathrow snow clearing in full-swing, one brushing, the other supervising

So with Heathrow still in meltdown (i think this picture sums up Ferrovial’s effort at clearing the snow there) and changing my flight to London City on their new Embraer 190 and having the possibility of being home early for Christmas, I turned up at the airport to see that my flight from Jerez to Madrid was delayed by over 2hours! 😦   Iberia, in their infinite wisdom, has sent an aircraft to Jerez at mid-day with a crew that did not have enough hours to make the 50minute flight back to Madrid!  I was blazing, I couldn’t believe that with all the snow chaos in the UK and the recent ATC strikes in Spain that Iberia could royally c*ck up a domestic operation as badly as they managed to today.  Everyone heading to Madrid was on a connecting flight and they had one checkin person at economy and one at business.  I got the usual evil stares from the Spaniards for using the Business queue, they seem to have a major dislike for frequent fliers or club ticket holders.

I finally rocked up to Barajas T4 over 3 hours late which meant waiting for the 19:30 flight to Heathrow.  Fortunately having a One World Emerald card, it meant I could sit and watch a film in the cinema while eating Hagen Daaz icecream in the Iberia Dali Busines/First lounge to pass the time.  I just wanted to be home more than anything though.

When I finally got on the aircraft, it was running 45mins late and by the time it pushed back, it was an hour late.  This meant that I was leaving Madrid at the exact time I had originally booked back in November!  I wasn’t getting home any earlier afterall… 😦    The aircraft much to my surprise, was practically empty.  It was a 220 seat A321 and had about 30 passengers onboard, I lay on a row of 3 seats and watched my Archos player all the way home.

I felt sorry for the people who had checked any luggage through to Heathrow, this was just one of the 9 carousels at Terminal 3!


~ by globalste on December 22, 2010.

One Response to “Finally made it home (with no thanks to Iberia)”

  1. “Heathrow snow clearing in full-swing, one brushing, the other supervising”

    Mr Shaw, that’s actually the snow deployment crew. They’re so efficient that there’s only a small strip left for them to do. Stop knocking such goal achieving individuals.

    What’s a nuclear engineer turned sponsored mountain bike rider turned professional pilot like you ever achieved anyhow?

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