Midterm exams (aka week 9) finished

Rookery Hall, Worleston, near Nantwich, Cheshire

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I apologise for not blogging more often in the last few weeks, I pretty much had a fab Christmas which went far too quickly but included seeing Allie’s family for Christmas Day and then my family in Cheshire for Boxing Day and the day after.  We also went to Rookery Hall for a couple of days, we hadn’t been back since we got married there in 2009, it was as good as I remembered it though and this time I got to make full use of the gym, pool and spa 🙂

When I got back to Jerez, it was pretty much heads down in the books again and building up to the Week 9 exams.  Week 9 is used as an indicator of how well you are progressing, it is technically supposed to be a pass/fail, but the way the school is run it drives the behaviour of “must try and get 100%”, the reports also go back to the Airline so obviously I didn’t want any fails to be on there.

In the build-up to the exams I think I turned into a bit of a hermit, I was riding the bike less in the morning because I was so tired from classes during the day and then full-time study from 6:30pm until 10pm every day.

During this time I was fuelling myself on coffee/tea and either Prince biscuits or Oreos, I have consumed 3 packets of them since January!  Am keeping a close eye on the weight though and with the gym being so easily accessible here, I try and go there 2-3times a week.

I have to say, when the exams finally came I was quite relieved, I was getting a bit sick of reading the same things over and over again.  The results to the exams are given pretty much straight away, we took 8 exams in all and I passed with an average of 92%, I got 98% in Principles of Flight and Radio Navigation.  My lowest mark embarrassingly was in Engines, but I didn’t do much study for this subject at all as I felt it came more naturally to me, obviously I will make sure I study for it for the main JARs in April.

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