It never rains it pours… and blows 70mph wind

Today was a truly horrid day of weather, easily the worst we have had.  It started as just a miserable rainy day and I felt quite good sitting on the gym bike inside while the rain was lashing down outside.  It was when it got to 11am and the winds really started to pick up and you could hear the windows creaking under the strain as the wind howled and whistled at the exclusive Spanish-designed gaps around the window frames.  I got these pictures from Anthony McGee who is nearing the end of his 14months here in Jerez, for those that have not seen a weather radar before, anything Red or Pink is not good and should be steered well clear of.  As you can see, it suddenly passed right through Jerez and Cadiz and meant wind gusting up to 70mph!

Now the thing with planes is that they are designed to fly and small light planes are designed to take off at as low a speed as 50mph.  That is why you always see planes anchored down with weights, to prevent them taking off when they are sat on the apron.

Unfortunately, this one was not anchored down too well…  It is a Cessna 172 I think, and it got flipped right over onto it’s back.  This meant all the fuel poured out of it and the firebrigade had to come and douse the thing in foam, I was actually astonished that the Jerez Airport services did anything to be honest, because it happened during lunchtime and they would have been approaching their break…

Unfortunately, after chuckling at this person’s misery, I walked around the corner to go to lunch to find my Yamaha YZF on the floor 😦   The wind had got hold of the cover and just flipped it over.  Fortunately the cover seems to have cushioned the fall, so I have had to move it where it is nowhere near the wind (or my room) and will give it a thorough checking-over this weekend.  I also have to re-fit the Scottoiler as the feed line came off and I need to change the ballast on the HID light – the joys of motoring!

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~ by globalste on February 16, 2011.

One Response to “It never rains it pours… and blows 70mph wind”

  1. They should make planes out of an absorbent material, like cardboard, so that when it’s bad weather they absorb the rain and become heavier, (and the wings become soggy and fold in) so they can’t get blown away. Then the sun comes out and it all dries off.

    I see no possible problems with this idea at all.

    Paper Airplanes Corp

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