Time for a small ride, or maybe 135km

The weather for the last week has been pretty appauling, rain and misery and cold every day.  Friday picked up a bit and the forecast for today was good so I decided to head out for a ride, I wasn’t intending to ride more than 3hours at first, but it just turned into one of those days where the weather is really nice so you just keep riding…

I took a few pictures along the way, although made the fatal mistake of pulling over on what looked like hard soil but turned out to be the worst claggy clay I have ever come across.  I then spent the next 15mins scrapping it all out of my mudguards and shoes with my tire levers, so these photos cost me at least 15mins riding time, and they weren’t even very good because the warmth from my back had steamed up the phones lens!

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~ by globalste on March 5, 2011.

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