Mocks Finished

UPS McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Freighter

Image by Brian Digital via Flickr

I really need to update the blog more often, I wil try and back-date it in the next couple of weeks for what March has been showing.

This week I had my mock JAR exams, they are internal exams at the school and intended to simulate our real exams for next week, but are purposely made more difficult and with more questions in them, this is so that come the JARs they will feel easier.  I am not sure if they will be easier or not, but I have to say I would be fine and dandy with the results I picked up this week.  I averaged 94% with my highest mark coming in Principles of Flight where I got one question wrong and made a silly mistake calculating the climb angle for a 3-engined aircraft with an engine failure.  Oh well, lets hope no-one has me flying MD-11s in the next couple of years…

As soon as Meteorology was finished we hit the bar, although it was closed so this meant buying Cruz-Campo by the can from the vending machine and sitting outside in the sun – it was 25C and the sun was beating down, a nice way to finish the mocks  🙂

We are heading out for a class dinner this evening to wind down, before hitting the books again tomorrow and in the famous words of my best man, Neil Collings, cranking it up to the max before hitting the JAR exams next week.

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