BSOD – Not what you want 3 days before your JAR exams

Yes, the dreaded Blue Screen of Death happened to me today.  My trusty Acer Aspire which has been serving me well since August 2006 finally started to pack in.  I noticed it back in January when it wouldn’t play YouTube anymore and kept having video card failures.

This morning, when I came to do revision via a certain west-country internet-based revision program, I realised there was something up when my computer was still booting up after getting out of the shower.  Then I saw it – the Navy Blue screen we all hate.  And it was telling me something not very good, that between booting down last night and booting up this morning there was now a registry and an IRQ error which seemed to coincide with my videocard.  Rats.

Anyway, so a weekend of revision from the books it is.  I have my first exams on Monday which are:

Principles of Flight (1hr), Aircraft General Knowledge (2hrs) and Mass and Balance (1hr).

Wednesday is the day I am less looking forward to:

General Navigation (2hrs), Radio Navigation (1.5hrs), Meteorology (2.5hrs)

I feel much more chilled out than I did before my mid-terms though, and I am so very tempted to head over to the Jerez circuit to see all the MotoGP activity going on this weekend.  We have already had the Repsol stunt plane practicing over our runway, I will try and get a picture for the blog!

Updating the blog is difficult at the moment, hopefully when my new Dell XPS arrives I will be able to upload pictures again.  Once the JAR exams are finished, I will be heading to the Algarve for a week of beach and sunshine with Allie, Intercontinental Hotel Group points do come in handy for things like this…

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~ by globalste on April 1, 2011.

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