Nice morning for a ride

I decided to head out on the bike this morning for a couple of hours, it was a glorious morning and I wanted to escape the cabin fever.

Its quite strange living in a place that has 300 days of the year as sunshine, compare that to a place where 300 days of the year are likely to be rain or some other form of miserable weather, it is quite difficult to not escape the urge to go out on the bike every time the sun shines because I have it engraved on my brain that tomorrow’s weather might be crap.

The only annoying weather that does occur in Jerez is the damned wind, it often gusts at 30mph and its hardly ever a cross wind for where I go riding so that means a slow crawl in one direction and then running out of gears in the other.

Today I decided I would head up to where the radio beacons are that Jerez Airport works from, it looks reasonably close on the map so I thought I would be only out for a couple of hours.  However, I didn’t realise that the small hill I could see from the airport was in fact a 15 mile climb up to the top.  Oh well, the views were fab and I could see right back over to Jerez and towards Grazalema where I am going for the weekend next month with Allie, I am also hoping to do some riding out there if I can but it will require 6 hours of riding which, now it is heading towards summer, means tolerating temperatures of 30+, maybe I will wait until September or October…

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~ by globalste on April 2, 2011.

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