JAR Day 1 Finished

I really struggled sleeping last night, I just couldn’t stop my mind from working in overdrive and it wasn’t even thinking of anything to do with exams or flying – I had the music from the start of The Spy Who Loved Me in my head (when Bond is skiing and then performs that ridiculously brave skiing off a cliff and opening a parachute) and I hadn’t even been watching it before I went to bed!

I needed 3 cups of coffee to get me going this morning – highly unusual for me to require anything like that. Then I faced the consequences of having that much coffee and had pre-bike race syndrome, those who race will appreciate what I mean when despite going for a wee 2 minutes ago you need another one again right now.

Principles of Flight seemed to go ok, there were a couple of sneaky questions in there but not too bad. Aircraft General Knowledge I was a bit annoyed about; there were 2 questions which had correct answers but one was more correct than the other, and then another 2 questions which were really badly worded and just confused me – one was about a Supercharger (something which I could draw with my eyes shut) which really galled me.

Then there was Mass and Balance, an exam which is designed purely to catch you out at every opportunity possible.

My head was a bit tired after the exams so I took a welcome 30min snooze before getting kitted up and heading out on the bike for 1.5hrs at 50mile TT pace, I passed the Jerez Circuit which had hosted the Moto GP at the weekend. All I can say is that the place was left in typical Spanish style “dump your rubbish, someone else will clean it up”. The place looks an absolute disgrace, it literally looks like a waste ground 😦

I am currently planning to go an see the Spanish Superbikes and the Moto2 in a couple of weeks, not quite the MotoGP atmosphere but the racing will be pretty much the same as the Superbikes are 1000cc and are a bit more powerful than the MotoGP 800cc bikes.

This evening is going to be one of relaxing, I will see if I can get a film off the network drive onto my phone to watch and hopefully I will sleep better this eve – I should do after the ride this eve to finish me off!

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~ by globalste on April 4, 2011.

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