JAR Phase 1 complete

Today was Black Wednesday as it has become known, mostly because it can be quite a tough day mentally and the exams are long too.  I think they went ok, I will say nothing more until I get my results in a couple of weeks.

After Meteorology was finished, the course retreated to the bar where we proceeded to celebrate Josh, Tom and Phil’s birthdays by ceremonially throwing them in the swimming pool.  Unfortunately Whitney was nearby at the time and so she was thrown in as well regardless of it not being her birthday.

Phil on the Wobble Board

I tried not to drink too much as I had to drive myself and Allie to Portugal for our relaxing holiday in the Algarve.  Ronnie, Josh, Aimee and Higgins were all heading home that evening which left myself, Phil, Tom, Brendan, Andre and Alex to hit the bar until late playing Beer Pong (and myself also sneaking out occasionally to watch United take care of Chelski Champions League match).  I left the guys looking in fairly good shape and headed to the airport at 22:30 to collect Allie from the Airport, she had brought a load of stuff across for me including a replacement laptop, my poor wife was more like a packhorse lugging all my stuff across here.

Beer Pong

When I returned to the bar with Allie for a quick Disorano, it seemed that the others had necked about 5 shots at the bar, and Phil had ceremoniously necked about 10 shots and was now utterly plastered and went into an iterative process whereby he would call everyone a name from his extensive profanisaurus, then proceed to apologise to everyone for his behaviour and comment on how drunk he wasn’t before and how much he felt now.  Unfortunately for Phil, his evening ended on a low and he had to be placed onto a baggage trolley and pushed back to his room where he proceeded to be ill all evening and had to get up at 05:30 for a 2hr drive to Malaga to get home.  I believe he was ill all the way to Malaga as well the poor guy…

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