Pub Golf

Josh organised a Pub Golf evening for last night and we had all organised outfits during the break.  Luckily for me my stag do in Manchester was a Pub Golf one, so I just needed Allie to dig out the kit for me and bring it across to Spain Smile

We started out with a pint of Cruz Campo in the school bar, I don’t really like Cruz Campo unless it is out of a can – its much too fizzy and cold, has a horrid sour taste and gives the most wretched of hangovers (not dissimilar to that of the Fosters at UCLAN SU Bar)

We then managed to score a lift courtesy of Tom Cruickshank to a rather flashy bar called Kapote where we necked a couple of glasses of Amontiado Sherry, before heading onto the Pirate Bar for some Karaoke and what was supposed to be vodka redbull, but turned out to be a pint of the stuff!

Pirate Bar Karaoke

From then on, each bar seemed to merge into one and as is usual on a night out like one of these, there are copious stories that come slowly back from the night as people start putting together the blank spots.

We will rock you..

We ended up in Beraber where there was a live Jackson 5 tribute band, they were not bad actually as far as tribute bands in Jerez go, and they were soon livened up by course 101 taking to the stage and joining in!

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~ by globalste on April 9, 2011.

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