Moto2 & Superbikes

Today was the poor-mans way of watching very fast and powerful motorbikes at the Jerez circuit, plus being able to walk up and down the paddock, but without having to actually pay anything.. at all.  Yep, Superbikes weekend is (astonishingly) free!  In the UK, it draws massive crowds and causes traffic jams to get to the venue, however with this superbikes weekend being so close to the MotoGP a couple of weeks ago, the crowds were much smaller which allowed us to wander between stands for the best views.

Start of the Superbikes
End of first lap going full-chat out of a hairpin

I was actually shocked to see that the 125cc bikes were only 1second slower than the Kawasaki Ninja Cup bikes, those riders must hang onto every last bit of speed possible in those 125s..

It wasn’t a scorching hot day today, but trying to get out of the Ciruito de Velocidad with 100s of other bikers meant we were sat in our leathers and helmets for quite a few minutes, not helped by the way they had parked us and we all had to push our bikes out backwards up a hill in the 26C heat.  On return to school some relaxation was required with a coke, my flying book and laying on the grass by the pool Smile

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~ by globalste on April 17, 2011.

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