First week of Flying and Ground school (Phase 2)

Well, if you can call it that… The weather has suddenly gone from glorious to utter rubbish this week.  Lots of high winds and pissing down rain with poor visibility makes for either no flying or very “sporty” conditions.  For those who haven’t been in a light aircraft before, this basically means the plane gets chucked around and scraps its way into the sky on take off making you feel like a passenger rather than a pilot.

My instructor is Nico, he is an ex Italian Air Force pilot and has been a commercial flying instructor for some 7 years I think.  He is really good and recognises that I have done flying before and hence is adapting the syllabus to have me doing landings and take-offs plus radio transmission from the off.  I managed to successfully float the aircraft onto the ground without bottoming the suspension out, but I am still struggling to get used to the power of the rudder (it is much more powerful than the Katana DV20 which I was last flying all those years ago) and so I end up hoofing about half rudder and over yawing the aircraft.  The rest of flying I am just really rusty on like radio transmissions and general handling, I’m sure it will come together though.

Mixing both the flying and ground school is tough, flying can be quite mentally draining and I feel like I need a sleep halfway through the day so that I can continue functioning, the problem is that when I am not flying I need to be doing either flying study or ground school study.

This phase I have the following ground school subjects:

Instruments, Auto-flight, Air Law, Operational Procedures, Flight Planning, Human Performance, Communications and Aircraft Performance.  The books are even bigger than the ones in Phase 1 Sad smile   Who ever said that Phase 2 was easier is blatantly lying…

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~ by globalste on April 21, 2011.

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