Phase 1 Results

After 3 weeks of waiting the results finally arrived at the Ground school Office.

I eagerly sat and waited for the Chief Ground Instructor to open my results and was pleasantly surprised at the marks that I got.  I averaged 98.7% overall and managed to score 100% in Meteorology, Mass & Balance, Radio Navigation and Principles of Flight.  Ironically my lowest mark was in engines/systems but I knew I had got a few questions wrong in that when I left the exam due to confusing language used in the questions – the dreadful grammar used by the JAA is something that I am gradually becoming used to, but it still throws me now and again.  The highest mark was by Majid who is a Middle Eastern Airlines cadet, he got 99.8% getting only a single question wrong, quite unbelievable… until you meet the guy…

In flying I am up to turning, it is fairly basic stuff at the moment but my instructor is hoping I will be flying Solo next week which is good news.  He is pushing for me to be able to do all the checks from memory as well as all of the radio transmission – something that I seem to be struggling with a bit at the moment, maybe because I am used to only dealing with 2 frequencies whereas at Jerez we have ground, tower, ops and Sevilla.  I just need to keep plugging away.

Course 105 are starting to arrive now and Josh is their mentor, we have also decided we will go out for a course Mexican at Chiguaguas, a really nice (and cheap) restaurant in the centre of Jerez.  No drinking though as have more flying on Saturday.

At the moment I have a bit of a cold which caused my ear some real grief yesterday, I was ok when back-seating Whitney’s flight up to 3000ft, but then when I flew we did gliding turns from 5000ft and this really upset my ear.  The pressure and the pain was excruciating at 1000ft when re-entering the circuit and this took away a lot of my concentration when landing, the result was a fluffed R/T and landing that didn’t quite kiss the runway as I had hoped.

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~ by globalste on April 28, 2011.

One Response to “Phase 1 Results”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS Ste! Just seen your Mum and she told me you’d had your results and pointed me to your blog. They are outstanding results and so well deserved with all the hard work you continue to put into making your dream happen. Now I have access to your Blog I’ll be dipping in to watch your progress. We’re all very proud of you! Ali must be thrilled! Way to go Ste! (X) Cath

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