A day off due to bad weather

Grounded today because of the weather, but it was probably just as well with my ear still playing up.

Today was the Royal Wedding as well, I decided to stream it from the BBC website as you could flick between what part of the wedding you wanted to see.  As usual though, the BBC royally shot themselves in the foot because at the exact moment the Queen was due to arrive, the BBC decided that this was the point at which Broadcasting Rights would kick in and anyone outside the UK would not be able to watch it.  So I had to head down to the crew room instead where there was a surprising number of people in there watching.  I know quite a few people at home who were having garden parties, wish the weather was nice here… Sad smile

So instead I had to be confined to indoors, I couldn’t even go out on a ride on my bike.  So I did a bit of ground school but quickly got bored, did some flying study but quickly got bored with that too, and then I found this in High Definition.  It is the last launch of the Space Shuttle STS133 taken on-board a commercial flight, it really is quite an incredible sight.

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~ by globalste on April 29, 2011.

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