Some decent weather at last

The weather is starting to change a bit which is meaning more flying available for us instead of hanging around waiting aimlessly.  The problem with this though is that the number of aircraft wanting to be up in the sky and the circuit is basically all of them, which means lots of queuing to get in and out of Jerez and Spanish ATC get stressed if there is anything more than 2 aircraft to handle, so it makes for a very busy time and making sure that all radio transmissions are spot-on so as not to antagonise ATC.  Even when R/Ts are spot on though, ATC still seem to vent their fury through a public telling-off (taking up more valuable radio time) at you for no reason instead of just getting on with it.  It also means that the general handling areas are very busy (as can be seen by my video of Ronnie climbing in front of us) and often there are 3 or 4 aircraft within the same area performing general handling.

4 aircraft holding to take-offDSC03135

This week was steep climbs and stalling, I was surprised at how hard the Warrior can actually stall and it really wants to drop a wing and so pressing the rudder is necessary to prevent it from rolling over and entering a spiral dive to a certain death.  There is an awful lot to take in every lesson and it is starting to feel a bit like taking a golf swing where you always forget something and it takes the shine off what might otherwise be a perfect drive.

I have ordered the new Kodak PlayTouch HD video camera from Amazon with some vouchers my parents and my auntie/uncle got me for Christmas.  I had planned on getting the Flip HD V3 camera, but Cisco recently announced they are ceasing supporting it.  I was trying to find one that had a microphone input and this proved difficult when combining with 60fps which I felt may be necessary for the speed that the aircraft moves over the ground (not that the warrior is a speed machine anyway).  I am still playing about with it trying to get the best pictures from it so I apologise for the videos not being perfect, the 2 biggest problems are preventing shake (despite it having an anti-shake facility) from the vibration of the Piper agricultural tractor that we are learning in and keeping it in focus through perspex windows with the huge contrast of the dark dashboard and the bright sky.  I think that even an expensive fully-functional video camera would suffer with this though.

The reason I wanted a line-in to the camera is so that I can attach a microphone to my headset and this will pick up air traffic control and not just the row of the engine, my wife is bringing this across tomorrow along with my headset because the one supplied by FTE gives me terrible ear pain/headache and its plastic ear covers are not going to be pleasant once the temperatures hit 40C.

Videos I have taken are available in HD as well, just change the resolution setting from 360p.  I will upload some more in the next couple of days.

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~ by globalste on May 5, 2011.

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