Weekend in Grazalema

It was Allie’s birthday this weekend and she flew over on the flight that gets her into Jerez at 17:00 via Madrid.  We were going to Grazalema to do some walking there after Allie finding a bargain of a hotel just east of the village.  The best way to describe Grazalema is somewhere between the Lake District and the Peak District.  I have wanted to cycle there a few times but the distance to Grazalema is a 120 mile round trip including a 20mile 15% climb there and a 20% climb coming back, I just haven’t been doing enough riding this year to have the legs to cope with both the distance and the climbing, the climbs would tire me quickly and I would still have another 60miles to get back home, maybe next year when I have more time in Phase 3.

We drove there on the Thundercat, it was the first time I have ridden it fully laden – panniers, tank bag, rear box and a pillion.  It actually wasn’t too bad and Allie is getting much more comfortable on the bike and without realising it she is leaning into the corners which makes the bike glide around like there is no one on the back.

The hotel was fab and the food was really good, we made sure to have plenty of wine and beer and on Saturday morning we got up to go walking, except there were storm clouds everywhere and it was chucking it down with rain Sad smile

We waited until 11am as it was forecast to clear by noon and give some nice sunny intervals.  The cooler day was actually very welcome for the walking as there were some long climbs to negotiate and they wouldn’t have been very welcome in the recent 30C heat that Jerez has been experiencing.  We did 2 walks, one of which required a special permit from the El Bosque tourist office which we collected on the way back from Granada a few weeks ago, and the other one which a friend of mine (Frank Jaworski, US Air Force based at Rota) coincidentally said gave great views but I didn’t realise until I decided we were going to do it after scoping the area on Google Earth and seeing which gave good height and depth of view.

Today we had a leisurely morning and headed back to Jerez to get lunch and sit outside in the 29C sun by the pool.  We are going to the Feriar in the afternoon (more about that tomorrow) before Allie heads home on the 9am flight tomorrow.  I am flying at 10am tomorrow, I am hoping that the knee board and the headphones that Allie brought from home will make my life in the Warrior much more bearable than the faff I have to put up with at the moment.

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