Annoying wind and other causes of delay

The last week I have not done any flying due to high cross-winds in the afternoon (when I am mostly scheduled to fly) and also an anomaly with some 8 instructors licences which the Spanish equivalent of the CAA did not like (strangely the CAA were fine with it, which goes to show what a pain in the **se the Spanish can be).  My instructor was one of them so he was grounded for 4 days and the temporary instructor I was given loaded himself up with too many flights so I didn’t get to fly on Wednesday either.

Today I am going to be doing an hour of circuits and hopefully will improve my landings, I am then going out to the General Handling area just east of Bornos (Near Archos) and doing steep turns and practice forced landings.  When reading the info on PFLs in the student handbook they seem to have far too much information on what to do, when I did them years ago with the RAF it just felt like a simple and logical thing, here it feels like taking another golf swing “just remember the 12teen things in the seemingly over-complicated procedure while you try and force land the aircraft”.

I will hopefully take some videos in the circuit of touch and go’s today and post them up later.  For now, here are some videos from the other week which I promised to post up

Landing onto the busy runway
Brendan does a brake check
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~ by globalste on May 27, 2011.

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