Full week of flying

This week has been full-time flying with 2-3 flights everyday.

Its been quite tough because I am now doing VFR navigation and instrument flying, both which demand quite a lot of concentration for different reasons.  With VFR navigation it is more about the procedure on how to navigate – I am used to navigating holding a map, checking the landscape and then walking/running/cycling for a known time before checking the map again for the next feature to aim for.  With VFR flying for the ATPL it is quite different, the map is only really used for gross-error checking or for error-checking at designated check-points, everything in-between is flown on headings alone which are then corrected for drift.

The instrument flying is a combination of flying in a simulator and up in the aircraft with screens to prevent me seeing outside (although my instructor can still see outside).  Flying on instruments is something quite new to me, although oddly enough I seem to be much better at it than with visual flying – as most of my future flying career will be with instruments maybe there is hope for me yet Winking smile   When flying up in the aircraft on instruments, I have to learn to overcome any false sensations that my mind is telling me for example quite often after flying for 20minutes my head is telling me that the aircraft is rolling left, but the instruments tell me it is perfectly straight.  The other thing that can happen is if I take my eye off one of the instruments for too long, (such as when tracking a radio beacon) then the aircraft can start to roll at a slow enough rate that is impossible for the human body to detect and so my brain is telling me I am straight and level but the instruments tell me I am turning!

I have taken some video recently when doing some solo general handling out towards the east of Jerez, towards Grazalema and Algar where I go cycling, I have edited it down a bit using a new bit of trial software from Cyberlink called PowerDirector 9.  I am not sure if I will keep using it or not, I may get a download of something from Adobe or Sony instead.  I used the nifty little Kodak Playtouch HD camera that my parents got me for Christmas and pugged in an Olympus telephone pickup for the headphone traffic and to reduce the engine noise – it works reasonably well although it will obviously never be as good as a video camera because it has a very low F-range.  I need to get a longer mount for the camera to place it in the centre of the aircraft (ideally behind me), at the moment it struggles to focus on the left hand side due to the curvature of the wind shield.

Flight to Algar, click resolution arrow to view in High Definition.
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~ by globalste on June 14, 2011.

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