Battle of Trafalgar and Morocco

Today I went on a 1.5hr navigation flight to Morocco.

I started out by flying out towards Grazalema at 5500ft before heading South at 6500ft with some spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada and also the Rock of Gibraltar poking out of the cap cloud that so often surrounds it.  Unfortunately my SLR has gone flat, so this meant I had to use my ancient Sony model which does not have the f12 depth that the SLR has, so the photos don’t quite capture what I could see with my eye.

I was told by one of the instructors that the small lighthouse I was heading to today has a monument for the Battle of Trafalgar!  I didn’t even know it was there, apparently the Spanish do not advertise it’s presence but you can see from the photo that is zoomed in on the coastline that it is there.  There were some great views looking out over the Mediterranean to Morocco and the temptation to just hop over the Med is unbelievable – alas it is forbidden Sad smile   You can also see that the South West coast of Spain has miles and miles of spectacular beaches and I intend to start visiting some of these the next time Allie comes out at the end of June.  My flight went quite according to plan with just a few minor adjustments for the wind, flying and I had factored in the cruise decent just nicely (although passing through 4000ft it became a rollercoaster ride from the thermals) before I had to request to re-join Jerez controlled airspace.

Unfortunately this is only a quick update as I have to go and do some cramming for a series of progress tests I have on Tuesday, Allie is coming across tomorrow so hopefully she can read a book and chill out by the pool while I read boring Air Law Sad smile

I will upload some more video next week

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~ by globalste on June 16, 2011.

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