Ground school Progress tests over

Well that is the ground school progress tests over for phase 2.  I have to say, I did nothing like the preparation I did in Phase 1, it was more like a tactical week of cramming than the 3 weeks of study I did in Phase 1.  Results were as follows:

Instruments 92%, Flight Planning 89%, Operational Procedures 95%, Human Performance 92%, Air Law 93%, Aircraft Performance 88% and I still have Communications to yet next week.  This was on top of the week of full flying that we had the proceeding week.

It was really nice to have a weekend just sat by the pool with Allie while she had her bookworm nose in a book and I was sat reading my revision for this week.  We had dinner at a nice Italian recommended to me by Frank Jaworski and we also fancies Mexican so went to Chiguaguas in the centre of town – very handy having the motorbike as it means I can park literally outside the place.

I managed to rack up 13hours of flying last week so that means I am getting ever closer to the flying progress test at lesson 45 (I am currently on lesson 38), but first I have to do something known as a “land away” to Seville.  This involves a long cross-country Visual Flight Rules (VFR) via somewhere like Timbuktu before eventually landing at Seville where I will have breakfast with my instructor before flying another 1.75hr leg back to Jerez.

On Tuesday we had the two Chief Training Captains from Thomas Cook come to visit us, it was really good to meet them and spend most of the late afternoon and an evening with them, we went to Cruz Blanca for dinner which is a typical Spanish restaurant and is nicely in the centre of town so we could show them what Jerez looks like (and a few of the regular haunts we frequent like Damajuana)

I managed to take some better pictures with the SLR of Trafalgar so have uploaded them below.


~ by globalste on June 22, 2011.

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