Getting hotter and hotter


The forecast this week is showing between 38C and 40C (depending on if you check accuweather or the bbc weather).  I have lived in hot countries before and have ridden my bike in hot places like Turkey and St Tropez in the middle of summer, but I have to admit that I have never ridden in temperatures of 38C before.  It has got to the stage that in order to ride my bike I am going to have to get up at 06:30 and ride it first thing in the morning – even then it will still be 25C!  I tried riding my bike the other day at 3pm (4pm is the hottest part of the day) and the best way I can describe it is like placing your face in front of a fan-assisted oven when you take a roast chicken out – it really is just hot air blasting your face when out on the bike and no amount of speed cools you down.  Climbing up the hills towards Algar and the Grazalema mountains is bordering on intolerable, once in 1st/2nd gear on the road bike and the wind is calm, you can feel the searing heat radiating off the black tarmac onto your face, now it feels like you are doing an interval session in sauna.


So, tomorrow I have 2 navigation flights before my progress test on Thursday.  The first one is at 14:00 and the second one is at 17:00, right at the hottest part of the day.  So this means I will have to get in an aircraft which has been sat out in the scorching heat with only a piece of tin-foil covered cardboard across the windshield to protect it from the heat, and start 10-15 minutes of checks with no air-conditioning – its like playing extreme hot car.  I am seriously considering bringing across a cooling vest to stop the sweat from pouring off me within 5 minutes of getting in the aircraft Sad smile

Below are some pictures from an evening out in Jerez with cadets from my course and from other courses celebrating Aimees Birthday.  Andre and Higgins seemed to crank it up to the max , I have never seen 2 people dance so enthusiastically for over an hour to what can only be described as a diabolical band.  I will post the video I took in due course.

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