Last flight before flying Progress Test and then a weekend of chilling out

Saturday was my last flight before my Progress Test, I had arranged it for first thing on Saturday morning as Allie was over for the weekend and this meant we had the rest of the weekend free.  She flew over on Ryanair from Stansted this weekend due to tickets on BA being so expensive for some unexplained reason, even the Ryanair ones weren’t cheap so I can only assume that a lot of the European schools were breaking up for the summer, but the Ryanair experience is for another post perhaps, needless to say the flight will almost certainly not be repeated unless in an emergency.

My route had me fly from Jerez to Osuna, which is over half the way to Cordoba.  It was a really misty morning, not enough to stop me flying, but enough to have a lot of fog over the lakes and in between the mountains and the reduced visibility made navigation quite difficult.  Phil from my class was doing his Progress Test (known as PT1) later in the morning so I was hoping the fog would lift for him otherwise he was going to have a rotten time.  The route to Osuna is quite spectacular because you skirt right across the Sierra de Grazalema and I could see the snaking road from Zahara up towards Grazalema where Allie and I had been walking a couple of months ago.

Once at Osuna I turned and headed towards Sevilla before diverting myself back to Archos.  Some of the route plans we are given are strange, they are really long and quite impossible to complete (even though it would be great to fly them completely), but the idea is that you have to divert at some point which means re-planning your route in the air – not as easy as it sounds when you are in a plane that has a tendency to start rolling over when you let go of the controls for more than 5 seconds.  What I did see on my flight though was a C5 Galaxy pass about 1000ft over head, unfortunately I couldn’t get my camera phone quick enough to get a decent picture so all I ended up with was an out of focus blob Sad smile


Once the flight was completed I did all of my paperwork and then my name went up on the board awaiting someone to take me for my progress test.  I was offered Sunday but unfortunately could not do it as we are not allowed to have more than 6 consecutive duty days (the definition of “duty period” would require a long separate post in itself).  So, a day by the swimming pool with Allie it was which was fine by me – it was 40C and we quietly chilled out by the pool.

Sunday we had sleep-in and then packed everything ready for the beach.  We went to Puerto Sherry which is a beautiful little coastal village that has a small cove with a beach on it.  The view isn’t exactly spectacular over the water – you are either looking at Cadiz or the Rota Naval Base, but we just had ourselves facing the cute village and swapped the distant eyesore surroundings for eyes closed on the beach with the sound of the sea and the sun beating down.  I will upload some pictures when Allie sends them to me; we took them using her camera.

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