A quick ride out this morning then reading by the pool

Went out for a quick 3 hour ride this morning, sat at 160bpm and was cranking out a surprising amount of power, it is so much easier when the temperature is 20-25C in the morning rather than the soul-destroying baking heat of 40C in the afternoon.

I rode up to Gibalbin via Nueva Jarilla, where I saw a Thomas Cook/Condor A320 doing a visual circuit around Jerez, I think he had been diverted around because of a runway change as its not often you see them in the circuit.  The road up to Gibalbin is a long climb, just shy of 20km and it seems to be the place to ride for a lot of the locals, its practically impossible to ride up and down without seeing at least 5 cyclists going one way or the other.  From the top of Gibalbin you can see right over to Grazalema and down over Jerez – but to get a photo you need a camera with a good lens with a high f-stop, which my HTC Desire unfortunately definitely does not have!  I then carried onto Archos and down towards Junta de los Rios before turning back to Jerez.


This afternoon Frank Pullman, Steve Soloman and Paul Hutchings are across from Thomas Cook and we will be having a meeting/dinner with them later this evening, so I am spending this afternoon lounging by the pool with Phil and Tom, at 4pm I am going out for a flight with Tom where we will be doing unusual attitude recoveries on limited panel instruments, this is to simulate the aircraft being in a dangerous attitude, whilst in cloud, with several instrument failures – can’t wait!


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~ by globalste on July 6, 2011.

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