A nice long morning ride to El Bosque

I realise I haven’t written much lately, I will try and back-date the blog for this month.

Yesterday was the Tour de France Epilogue (2nd to last day) which is the individual time trial and the last stage where the general classification is usually decided (this is because the final day is flat and short and it would be impossible to gain any time on other riders).  Cadel Evans was the guy I had my money on at 30:1 before the start of the tour which I thought was an amazing outside bet considering he had come in the top three 3 times before and was the road race world champion last year.  He road a storming ride and completely tore the general classification contenders to pieces putting in nearly 4 seconds per kilometre over the yellow jersey holder Frank Schleck (who I also wanted to win but he wasn’t strong enough in the mountains this year).  So, a heart-felt big will done to Cadel Evans for battling away over the years to get the ultimate prize.

So after a hard ride on Friday and having a nice relaxing day yesterday by the pool and watching the tour whilst letting my sore legs recover (ok I went to the gym but that wasn’t leg work) I decided that I should go out again today – Cadel Evans rode a blinding ride after chasing in the mountains so why shouldn’t I?

So this morning I got up at 7am and had a big breakfast before setting out in the cool morning, today was only forecast to hit 29C so it would be far more tolerable than usual and I wouldn’t have to drink at a rate of over a litre per hour (which makes me feel quite ill).


I rode out towards Jedula then over towards Algar which has some steep climbs to get to the cute little mountain village, then it was the long drag over towards El Boque which is the town where the main tourist office is for the Sierra de Grazalema and where we had to get our walking permits from back in May.  Then I was sat on the very lonely road heading back into Arcos.  Arcos is a town which is built on a steep rock which has broken away on one side, it is quite unbelievable that people build their houses so close to the edge – or perhaps they didn’t and they are just hoping that no more of the rock will fall away taking their houses with it…  Climbing out of Archos is a steep windy road and I was just trying to keep out of the way of all the traffic to get back towards the Jedula road.  From then on it was the usual route home, although I was passing fields and fields of sunflowers, and with not much wind for a change (this week has been amongst the worst ever for the wind) and plenty of passing local club riders Smile

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One Response to “A nice long morning ride to El Bosque”

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve stumbled across your blog as I\’m off to Jerez in November as part of the BA FPP course. Being a keen cyclist I was thinking of taking my bike over there too.

    I was wondering if you have an email address so I could ask one or two questions?


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