Stupid computer, nice computer

This week my new laptop, the Dell XPS, has for some reason decided to open up the power options every time I hit the enter key.  I can’t describe how annoying this is because you basically cannot do anything on your computer.

I found a temporary fix by holding “ctrl” and hitting enter but the human mind is not programmed to do it that way and always reverts back to the habitual pressing of the enter key, and hence I get the stupid power options popping up.

Today I found a fix – by holding the Windows button and tapping “x”, this brings up the accessibility options.  I then close this window and the problem has been eliminated Smile

At the moment I am studying like hell for my final exam phases, but I have at the same time been keeping a close eye out for some useful additions to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X which I bought years ago but never used.  The XPS has no problem running it with everything pretty much at maximum, so I am on the hunt for a cheap joystick and then adding on a Piper Warrior with a good virtual cockpit and maybe a Piper Seneca.  This will mean nothing to people who have not seen this computer programme/game but what it will (hopefully) help me with is setting up variable strong winds and performing NDB/VOR holds and non-precision approaches, or so I am told by those who have completed their ATPL here anyway.

Interestingly enough, James May is going to be running a programme on BBC2 where he will learn to fly a 737-NGX at home over the weekend before flying in a full-motion simulator.  Impossible?  Well, he will be using an add-on made by PDMG who make full-realism simulators and when I say real, I mean everything behaves exactly as it would in the real aircraft – right down to the way one uses the CDU to programme the FMS.  There was a similar experiment done about 12months ago for the A10 Warthog, a member of the development team that made the A10 computer simulator turned up to the main US Air Force training facility for the A10 and needed very little tuition, the training facility guys were pretty shocked – as am I, that gun is fearsome

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~ by globalste on August 11, 2011.

6 Responses to “Stupid computer, nice computer”

  1. I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

  2. Hey Steve – did you fix your XPS enter key problem?

    If not:

    • Yeh that was sort of the solution I used.

      However, I have since noticed that the “menu” button on the trackpad is broken, I am not sure how as I have always used a USB mouse. I think that is also causing some of the issues I am having

  3. This blog site is very good. How did you make it ?

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