Ground school Finished

Well, after starting here in November being the newbie course on the right hand side of the timetable, Course 101 have gradually worked our way across to the left with another new course being added on each time to start ground school and another course leaving FTE.  It feels so long ago when it all started and yet at the same time it feels like last week.  As you can see from the timetable though, we had a relatively easy last week of just finishing off Aircraft Performance and Human Performance.


800 hours of ground school teaching over 14 subjects, well over 10,000 questions tackled (so far, I still have a truck load of practice questions to do for my mocks and next set of JAR exams).  We haven’t dropped anyone on the course, but we have had a few additions in Phase 2.  In the end we were the following:

Thomas Cook x 8; CityJet x 3; Middle East Airlines x 2; Emirates x 2

So that is it, no more Ground school lectures….  that is, until we get to the MCC/JOC course, oh and the Type Rating.. and… and..

Now I just need to pass the JAR 2 and then get back to that flying lark, although it is quite a nice day this morning and I am tempted just to go out and hit the hills for a bit – I have (perhaps foolishly) entered the Tour of Kent as my reward for finishing ground school which is on the Sunday after my JAR2 are finished.

Oh, a huge congratulations to my friend Jeremy who has secured a place with BA Cityflier, he starts next month based out of London City so best of luck to him (the jammy git).


~ by globalste on August 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “Ground school Finished”

  1. Still keeping an eye on you on here Ste! :o)
    Glad to hear some of the hard work is done, well done kidda!

  2. Woohoo!

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