Mock exams / being stung by wasps

No, its not that I mean the mock exams are like being stung by wasps as you first might think, although we had Flight Planning today which is a subject I have been pretty consistent at so far – consistently bad that is, I totally suck at it and always miss an important bit of information in the question for some reason.

So the idea of the Mock exams is that you have to prove you are able to take the JAR exams and then you apply to take them.  However, we are already entered into the JAR exams and the Mock exams are not far enough ahead for the school to withdraw us from the JAR exams, so normally they have the feeling of a box-ticking exercise.  However I do feel that the Flight Planning and the Aircraft Performance mocks will be of good use to us, why?  Well the papers are half-full of badly copied graphs that require a set of vernier calipers to accurately use and even then the answers can be a bit iffy , so you end up doing each question 3x and the rest is getting information from maps in the Jespersen, neither of which are terribly inspiring to practice at, so it is forcing us to practice and not procrastinate.

Our flight planning exam was set by Colin.  Colin is a fantastic teacher at the school who some might say takes pleasure in setting obscure questions for his papers – I think this has something to do with his innate ability to do everything in his head in 5 seconds, but it takes us 5 minutes using the CRAP5 ; I think this ability stemmed from him spending most of his life in an RAF Tornado GR1 where everything happens a bit quicker than the sheds we are flying.  We don’t yet have our results back; to use my consultancy speak I would say we “found it a challenge”, although to be more accurate I believe at least a few people thought about chucking their maps on the floor and walking out of the exam with frustration – well done Colin!

Colin off to sort out the baggage handlers at Heathrow

Instruments had a few tricky questions in it, and Air Law had some questions on stuff that I didn’t even know existed – stuff that you can’t even guess at because you really haven’t a clue what to guess.

So anyway, the wasp stings bit.  I have decided to ride the Tour of Kent in a couple of weeks and so I went out on a ride yesterday to really stretch the legs – I rode 47 hilly miles in 2h15m, this was also my way of testing the bike out as I had stripped and refitted the bottom bracket, cleaned out all the groupset and re-tuned it, as well as fitting a new chain (see my rant on SRAM chains) as the last one had done its 3000miles of me ruining it.  I was about 45mins into my ride when I got stung twice on my shin by something, I stopped and could see the stings in my leg so pulled them out before carrying on riding.  It actually stung quite a lot and I had stopped taking antihistamine for hayfever a few weeks back, so I basically had two mini-donuts swelling up on my leg where I had been stung.  This, coupled with the ominous looking weather, made me ride just a bit faster than I intended to get home and start applying lashings of sting cream and popping a few citirizine tablets.  My leg is now just all swollen and feels hot to the touch, the problem is that I know it is going to be like this for at least the next 5 days because a few weeks back I got stung on my ear and my neck which caused me all manner of grief.

Ho-hum, I suppose I should do some Comms revision… or maybe I will just watch the new Xmen movie…

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  1. who is going to set the comms exam oh yes me!!!!

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