A nice weekend in Spain

Allie came over to Spain on Friday and we had initially planned to go to Jerez for dinner, however a bit of peer pressure from my classmates had her having dinner from the FTE Michelin restaurant.  This was followed by the bottle of white Rioja wine that I had bought her, it must have been nice because she finished the lot!  It was good to be sat out on a Friday evening in our shorts having a few drinks though, one of the problems with eating out is that I cannot drink more than half a beer if I am driving – the alcohol limits in Spain are a fraction of what they are in the UK.

Saturday we spent sitting by the pool, it wasn’t as hot as it has been and was quite a pleasant 36C – obviously the parasol was there for shelter when it was getting to the hottest part of the day.  Allie had her laptop with her and it has a matt screen which makes use out in the sunshine much better (despite the cardboard sun filter I had fashioned from an old amazon box for mine).  So it was a day of sitting in the sun – Allie being her normal bookworm self, and me doing online questions on Air Law and Ops, I have to admit I was nodding off at times.  Fortunately the pool was to hand to both cool me off and wake me up!

view from Puerto Sherry

In the evening we went over to Puerto Sherry to the Crepe restaurant, Puerto Sherry is only a small cove but it is quite a cute little village with restaurants along the sea front – it literally feels like a million miles away from Jerez et al.

Monday I was flying back with Allie to the UK, I decided to spend my revision week at home rather than going nuts in the 4 walls of my room in Spain.  Those who have their own house will hopefully understand what I mean, you cannot really ever go back to living in Halls of Residence having everything in a single room.  Being home I can easily stay sane; if I want to study I will go to the study, if I want to eat I will go to my kitchen, and if I want to watch TV I will go to the lounge – not just sit on either the bed (where I will fall asleep) or the desk chair (which is about as comfortable as sitting on a rock).

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