Study Week & Class 1 Renewal

This week I am back in the UK all week, I simply had to get away from FTE and be at home with my wife and have some normality.

Studying at home was much much easier, the weather was fantastic as well so I could sit there with the stable door open and have the nice breeze coming through and hear the sheep and horses in the field; this might sound odd, but it is in stark contrast to having a bag of nails start up and do power checks every 15mins within earshot, or someone with dreadful taste in music down the corridor, or people rocking in pissed up… the list could go on really, suffice to say being at home was far more peaceful.

I also decided to get my medical renewed in the UK at Gatwick, most people get them done in Gibraltar whilst here at FTE but the whole process in Gibraltar seems to be run by someone who couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag, it literally takes a day to get the whole fiasco over with and then, because FTE normally send 4 at a time, at least 2 people feel compelled to take a trip to a supermarket that they would only stop at if absolutely desperate at home.  Yes, people actually want to make a special trip to Morrisons, that is how desperate some things (or lack of) can get here at FTE.

So, I left my house at 09:15 for my 09:30 appointment and I was back home making myself a brew at 11:10, 2 hours it took compared to the 7 hours it takes in Spain, and it was at least half the cost.  Which reminds me, I need to get reimbursed from FTE for it.

My inlaws came over on Thursday evening and we had a great evening, Allie made her yummy Moroccan Chicken dish which went down a treat and also made a pavlova – if I hadn’t bust my achilles on Thursday then I would definitely be riding tomorrow morning to burn off the calories!  Instead, I just nipped my wheel into Petra Cycles in Oxted to have it straightened out – it had lost a bit of tension in the spokes and was starting to go wonky.

I headed back to Spain on the Saturday afternoon flight, I didn’t want to be held up in anyway as my second set of JAR exams started on the Monday, the last thing I wanted was to be late for them (umm, ok so I was technically late for General Navigation in Phase 1, but I was very lucky to be able to start the exam).  This was a good choice, as we left 2 hours before my flight from Heathrow and were stuck in solid traffic on the wretched M25 – there wasn’t even an accident, it was just caused purely by the mess that a certain company has made in trying to widen a section near Leatherhead.  It got to the point where I knew I wasn’t going to make the flight at the current rate so I called up the BA Silver line and explained what was happening, they kindly put a note into my reservation so check-in would know if I was late.  As it happens, the traffic suddenly cleared near Weybridge and I made it to T3 with only 5mins before check-in closed – I was carrying a spare wheel back to Spain with me as my powertap had given up and I needed to bring it back to the UK for service.  A very helpful guy at the Club World check-in had my boarding passes already printed and within about 2 minutes my wheel was on the oversized baggage cart (its literally an old cart) and I was on my way to the gate.

Unfortunately, my wheel did not make it and I have had to log it with Iberia – I am not hopeful as anything valuable coming through Madrid has a habit of going missing like Andre’s video camera with Phil’s drunken experience on it.

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