Phase 3–Full time flying

So I am back in Spain and full-time flying now.  It is going to feel both strange and also a huge relief that I am finally here.  I hated Phase 2, this is no reflection on the people who teach us, more on the way that the JAA test Pilots on their “knowledge”.  What I found continually frustrating about Phase 2 was that lots of the information we were taught was either out of date, superseded, or just not relevant anymore.  I think the 2 subjects that frustrated me the most were Human Performance and Warnings and Recordings.  Having been a consultant for the last however many years, I was quite shocked at the methodologies being taught on the course (some of which were out of date when I first started over 10 years ago), other parts were just plain and simply wrong and a lot of this was to do with the way the human body works and in particular, how it adapts to physical exercise.  All I can say is that if this is what the JAA want all pilots to know and preach, we are going to have a lot of fat and unhealthy people at helm… oh hang on a minute…

My first day back flying was strange, because of all the information I had tried to cram in for my JAR exams and having not flown for 5 weeks, I found I had forgotten a lot of the checklists and flying the aircraft in general felt strange.  I was straight into an Instrument Flying exercise, not exactly the simplest thing to move into, but I do find instrument flying simpler than visual flying for some reason, I am not sure why.  After my instrument flight I went up again in the afternoon and did some General Handling which includes manoeuvres such as stalling, practice forced landings, steep turns, glides, and I also managed to grab 3 circuits to practice my landings which felt really weird – I was constantly too low which is the opposite of the problem I had before I stopped flying!

Today I was supposed to be flying a Navigation flight which I had actually planned to do back in August when my parents came over, but I never got to fly it due to the weather.  Well, today it was cancelled yet again as the wind was blowing 13kts across which is on my limit and I really didn’t want to take off then find the wind increased as this would require me to divert to Seville, and I really didn’t want the faff of getting back from Seville.

One thing I have always been paranoid about when flying here in FTE is that the brakes will not hold the aircraft when doing a high-power check – this is when the engine is increased to about 75% power and numerous checks are done while the aircraft is sat on the parking brake, so I always have my feet covering the brake pedals.

Warrior Oops

Well, today it would seem some unfortunate sole had it happen to them and their plane went right into the back of another one, there was shrapnel everywhere.  That means another two of the twin-engine aircraft are now out of commission and FTE are down to 3 twin-engine aircraft flying – hopefully this won’t impact the schedule too much and we will stay on course to starting on the twin-engine aircraft in October.

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