Harriers come to play

So, I was on the apron minding my own business and hearing the screaming Calspan Learjet go past every 10minutes or so, when I heard quite a different-sounding roar. It was enough to make me look up and wonder what the hell it was and to my surprise it was the Spanish Navy in their Harrier AV-8B aircraft. They did a couple of low and fast fly-by as well as a slow flypast.

Not many people actually realise that Spain has always had a fleet of Harrier aircraft including the first generation originally designed by Hawker Siddeley.  They even have an aircraft carrier which may come as a surprise to a lot of people, it uses the same 12deg slope design used by the former Royal Navy aircraft carriers.  If Spain weren’t so in debt themselves, we could have tried to flog the 60 (we foolishly upgraded to GR9 and then in true British “squander loads of money because a bean counter thinks it will save a few bob” style, decided a couple of years later decided to retire.) to Spain.  That said, Spain are already trying to palm off their Harrier IIs to the same place they sent their first-generation Harriers.


~ by globalste on September 16, 2011.

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