Weekend at home

I was at home this weekend for my in-laws wedding anniversary (and maybe a teeny bit of electrical DIY).

My mother and father in law have been married for an incredible 40years, so we decided that we would have a nice meal together at Allie’s sister’s house, embarrassingly I forget where (somewhere near Basildon/Southend/Essex).

Allie had contracted the local farm shop down the road to go out and hunt a bambi-like deer and kill it to death with a fatal sword to the throat, she collected it on Friday and brought it back to the house to marinade it.  Now in my mind I had visions of Allie cowcarstrapping a deer to the roof of the car Jeremy Clarkson style (Top Gear series 9), fortunately they had chosen to size it down a bit and she ended up with a 2.5kg piece of venison ready to marinade in chilli, mustard, garlic and balsamic vinegar overnight before it was to be slow roasted in the oven on Saturday.  Unfortunately some prat chose to drive far too close to her and ploughed straight up the back of the car at a roundabout, my poor wife had such a jolt in the car and gave the young lad a thorough telling off Birch-style.  Now I just need to arrange for the car to be taken in for a new bumper which is a pain to do from Spain and make sure they give a courtesy car as well.

So after an eventless route back home on Friday, I got up first thing Saturday and set about wiring some AWS cable which is gland nutrouted underneath the patio to four new post lights and wiring in 3 new lights to the side of the house.  The lights on the side were reasonably easy, but the post lights required an IP66 box and a gland nut before drilling through the house with a 2ft long drill and routing the wire round the back of the dishwasher and washing machine, then burying the 3core cable into the brickwork and to the lightswitch and plastering over it.  Needless to say I did not get all of this done before we left for Allie’s sister’s house at 13:30.  For those who have fitted gland nuts before, they will know that the first time doing it is not a happy one, for those who haven’t, triple the time you think you will need, then double it again.

The weekend was fabulous, we had got someone to do a watercolour painting of Allie’s parents house and it looked fabulous, they were really pleased.  Dinner went down a treat and on Sunday we had afternoon dinner by the seafront at a restaurant I really love, the food there is great, I always forget its name though… Must ask Allie what it is called.

I will upload some photos later this week, FTE have chosen to make full use of the latest 28.8kbps dial-up speed internet this week so everything is running slower than an asthmatic ant with heavy shopping.

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