Early morning solo flight

My instructor is off on Sundays and Mondays so I booked myself a solo flight first thing this morning.  My take-off slot was for 08:20 which is sunrise, so this meant checking the aircraft outside in the dark!  Luckily being a seasoned 24-hr racer and british evening winter training cyclist, it means I have some pretty decent Exposure Lights torches to be able to see what I am doing while everyone else struggles with some useless led torches.

I planned to do some circuit time followed by the Progress Test profile and find some purposefully difficult places to do Practiced Forced Landings – one of the banes of my flying time here as I have a habit of being ever so slightly high, I think it is a fear of not making it to the field.

The circuits went really well actually, some of the better circuit flying I have done and I picked up a few tips from some videos from a flying school in the USA that has been running for years by a husband and wife management team.  The videos were really useful and hopefully they have resolved some of the little annoyances I have never quite managed to fix.

I took some video of the morning, so you can see what it was like.  For some reason it wouldn’t upload into HD format, but I used Adobe Premier to render the video so it may be user error, its my first attempt on Adobe so apologies if it seems poor, I struggled fading in and out the sound levels between my microphone and the music.  As usual, its not possible to attach my camera and mic exactly straight because of the way the window slopes.


~ by globalste on October 2, 2011.

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