Night Flying

Part of training for the ATPL licence requires us to fly at least 5 hours at night time including night navigation, and make at least 5 take offs and landings solo.

This used to be done in Faro due to licencing laws within Spain, however after much pressure from FTE we have finally been allowed to fly from both Sevilla and from Jerez.

Night flying to me actually did not feel much different, I am not sure if this was because I have done a lot of night-time races such as 24hour mountain bike races, night time-trials, and night time enduro-running races, or because I have got a really good grasp of the local area.

One thing that I did find strange was that my landings are actually better in the dark than they are in the daylight!  This will be good for Thomas Cook to know as most of their flights are at obscure hours without daylight.

Below is some video footage edited of circuits around Jerez airport.  I did try and take pictures on a VFR Navigation flight down to Vejer, but I couldn’t prevent the camera shake enough because of the long shutter speed, this is despite having a lens with an anti-shake gyro in it.


~ by globalste on October 6, 2011.

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