Single-engine training completed

So the time has arrived, I have finished all of my training on the might PA28-161 Piper Warrior and clocked up some 115 hours doing it in what I have to say, is one of the most uncomfortable seats I have ever been sat on.  Park benches with slats missing are possibly more accommodating.

At times it has been quite gruelling and my instructor Nico Ruscello (ex-Italian Air Force)has pushed me quite hard all of the way, it is a challenging programme to hit the number of hours required in the period of time given, and that is without any hick-ups which inevitably come along the way.


I don’t come out with any qualifications from it, the closest I guess one could describe is that I have completed enough training to have a Private Pilots Licence and done lots of Instrument Flying as well (possibly enough to complete an Instrument Rating).



Next I move onto Multi-Engine training which will be on the Piper Seneca III, I will essentially be starting from scratch all over again – new checklists, new procedures, more procedures.  There will be a lot more flight simulator time this time around as well and the challenge will be to complete my CPL (Commercial Pilots Licence) by the end of December before I go away for Christmas.


G1000 Panel, may not be quite the same as the one I will be flying

But before I do all of this, I have to pass Progress Test 2.  PT2 as it is known, is essentially the same as PT1 that I did back in May but the Navigation leg is slightly longer and the tolerances for flying are tighter.  I am hoping that PT2 goes smoothly because I definitely showed how not to do it in PT1 with some of my general handling flying, I just seemed to buckle under the pressure of doing a test – I think the last test I did like it was my driving test back in 1996 in the days where non of the learning cars had power assisted steering and were normally underpowered 1.6 diesels with no turbo charger and a gearbox that was like a blancmange, utterly terrible cars to drive… I will probably say the same about the Warrior in a couple of years time.


Seneca III rear cabin, may not be quite the same as the one I will be flying

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