Another year

This weekend was my birthday and Allie had come over for 4 days to celebrate it with me.

We went out with a large group of my course mates (and the odd instructor) here at FTE on the Saturday for dinner at a great Argentinian restaurant in Jerez called Parrilla la Pampa.  More accurately I guess, we actually met at the bar where my so-called friends chose to buy me something like 9 shots of various strength liquors before we departed for food.

The steaks in the Argentinian were great and I recommend anyone in Jerez to go to the place, make sure to specifically ask for vegetables or other side-orders though as they can be a bit short on the plate.  Its a pity the place always seems to be so quiet, but it is a bit off the beaten track.

Next we headed to a bar called Mojito where we had quite a few cocktails before moving onto Kapote.  For some reason we always drink Pedro Jimenez in here, I am not sure why, probably because it is the cheapest thing one can buy!  Finally we headed to the Pirate Karaoke Bar, what a strange place this is, but it does have English Karaoke music; if you can actually get onto the thing because the bar has a tendency to be really busy on a Saturday.

Below are the pictures from the rather messy evening, I cannot really comment on what was happening on any of the pictures because I do not remember much.

Sunday morning was mostly a day of recovery, maybe a bit of Sunday afternoon as well come to think of it.


~ by globalste on November 6, 2011.

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