Happy Birthday to me

Today was my 29th Birthday, many people say I am looking really well for it and they would be right, because I am lying about my age…

Age is a funny thing and different people celebrate birthdays in different ways.  When you are young, you lie about your age saying you are older so that you get into bars, pubs and clubs, then wish you were older than 25 to get car insurance discounts.  Then went you start touching 30 you realise you are in different categories for sporting events, you are now classed as a “Master”, then as you hit 40 you are classed as a “Veteran”!

Some people choose to shout from the top of a building that it is their birthday and it is a major event like Christmas, others actually do not see it as a big event at all and do not really like the attention that comes with it.  I am in the camp of liking to celebrate other’s birthdays, but not my own.  My wife says I am a miserable old git, and she is probably right, but I like to add that it has taken years of work to become this miserable old git.

My wife and family spoil me rotten on my birthday and I have this terrible tendency to be in some sort of shock and go quiet at the prospect, which I know can come across not as ungrateful, but that I am not enjoying it.

This year my wife booked a lovely hotel in Jerez and we decided that after being in Spain for a year, that we really should go and do all of the touristy things in Jerez.  The hotel had a lovely spa there too which we could use for free and it was pretty much in the centre of town and had a great breakfast. 

The weekend did not start off too great however, we got the bus into town with me still nursing my horrid hangover and I asked the bus driver to drop us off on the northwest side (a sort of unofficial stop) as it was closer to the hotel.  We hopped off by the hospital and I thought we should get some cash out as there was a bank there, it was then at this point that I realised my wallet had fallen out of my jacket pocket on the bus.  This was a serious problem as Allie had left her purse at FTE, my phone was flat, and we had zero cash on us to even get a taxi.  There was no option for it, I was going to have to run to the bus station to try and stop the bus before it drove onto Cadiz.  The distance was 2.2km although I didn’t know the exact distance (or the exact direction for that matter), but throwing my horrid hangover aside, I started off in the direction of the bus station, in my jeans and shoes at a pace I thought I could handle for around 10 minutes.  Unfortunately, the hangover was wretched and all I could think was how much trouble I would be in if I did not stop that bloody bus, I pressed on and could feel my lungs starting to burn.  I was about halfway there when the whole journey started to go uphill, I was gasping for air and my legs were screaming at me to stop, but I just cranked it up yet another notch knowing from my competitive running days that I would be right on the limit when my hands go numb and my vision goes blurry – this happened about 2minutes later with probably another 3/4 of a km to go.  People were looking at me like I was an idiot, which of course I was for dropping my wallet on the bus.  Unbelievably, there were loads of people getting onto the bus at the Jerez Bus Station which had caused the bus to be delayed there, I got on the bus and told the driver I had lost my wallet, walked down the bus (fully expecting it to be stolen by now) and there it was… just laying on the floor.

I walked back to where I had left Allie, I was coughing and spluttering all the way home, it felt like something had dislodged in my lungs – probably a bronchiole I ran that hard.  It was a good job I had started doing some running as winter cross-training recently otherwise I never would have made it.

The rest of the weekend went without a hitch, we had a lovely dinner in La Carbona on Sunday night and woke up Monday morning and I grabbed the tea, then opened all the gifts that Allie had lugged over from the UK, followed by a great big breakfast before heading out into Jerez.  We visited the famous Horse training show in Jerez, the Alcazar, the famous churches, stopped for lunch in the 23deg sunshine, and then managed to grab the train back to the Airport which is only a 10minute journey.  I really wish that train ran more often, it is brilliant, but we seem to be stuck in a stupid politics world where the taxi drivers complain about losing their monopoly to public transport.  Monday night we finally got the pizza we craved all day Sunday, we went to Blanco Paloma in Jerez for a carbonara and a barbeque pizza Smile


~ by globalste on November 7, 2011.

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