VSTOL Night Circuits

The Spanish Armada were back again tonight doing vertical landings and short take-offs.

It really is great to hear the roar of the Pegasus engine whining as it spins down, then a deafening roar for about 3 seconds before you see the twinkling lights shooting up into the sky for a circuit and then hovering back down.

I tried taking some video but I was just too far away and it was pitch black so my little Kodak Playtouch would not have been up to the task.

Speaking of which, this week the bag that holds my camera as well as my earphones mic that I have been using to record aircraft/ATC conversations on my videos has gone walkies from my room.  I spent the weekend looking for it but no joy yet, not sure where it has got to.

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~ by globalste on November 15, 2011.

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