When its raining its raining

That was the title of a song that was covered in 1993 by a guy called Delroy McLean, but who wisely changed his name to “Bitty McLean”.  The song is very annoying, but somehow the wretched thing popped into my head while I was out riding my bike today (video link to stupid annoying song here).

The forecast was actually not too bad when I set out on my 4 hour ride, but after 1.5hours I could see the black storm clouds swirling in from over Rota, it didn’t look good and I decided to put my foot down in a bid to make Jedula where I knew there was a petrol station I could shelter under if things got really bad.

As I rode through Jedula the rain really started to pick up, so I pulled in at the town hall which had a huge sheltered entrance and was out of the chilling wind.  It then absolutely hammered it down with hail and rain like I have never seen before with plenty of lightning thrown in to boot for about 20 minutes, I was slap bang in the middle of a thunderstorm Sad smile


After about 20 minutes the storm started to pass, but I knew it meant that it was just the eye of the storm coming over and I had about another 20 minutes before the rest of it would pass over the top.  I also knew it was a 45 minute ride to get back to the airport which meant I was definitely going to get wet.  I made sure my iPod and phone were properly wrapped up in their waterproof bags and zipped my top and gillet right up to the top to keep the chill out of my neck.  I was now freezing after standing still for so long and tried to get warm again by spinning out at 110rpm.

Soon enough, the rest of the storm started to come over and I had 2 choices.  1)  Take shelter at a motorway bridge I knew was coming up, 2) carry on riding as it was only another 20 minutes to get back to the airport.

I quickly decided on the second option for 2 reasons, 1) I had no idea how long I was going to be stood there, probably at least half an hour and I would get really cold.  and 2) the council had still not removed the dead dog that was laying in the road and humming like a rancid waste disposal site.

It absolutely hammered it down again, rain, hail, lightning the lot.  I rolled into FTE with the odd person staring at me like I was barking mad, little do some of them realise that today was probably a “good day” for riding in the English winter because it was so comparatively warm, even if I had just spent 4 hours out on the bike.

A quick shower and then straight to the canteen to get some food.  It does have its advantages being fully catered here, if I time my rides correctly I just walk straight in and get fed.  Admittedly, the food is more out of necessity than enjoyment here, but still, needs must.

I took a quick video of the rain after it had calmed down a bit after lunchtime.  See below.


~ by globalste on November 17, 2011.

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